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Flight Delays blog

For the next in our series of blogs, Emma Savage takes you through the growing area of flight delays and how you make a claim if you are affected.

Fieldings Porter can now help you recover compensation if your flight was delayed three hours or more. Following a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice in October 2012, the EU Rule 261/2004 entitles passengers to claim compensation for long delays subject to meeting set criteria.

Some airlines have been trying to block people from claiming for flights that were over two years old, and for unforeseeable technical faults, although courts have ruled against this at the end of 2014 and more recently, in September 2015.

The criteria are as follows:- 

  1. EU regulated flights - the flight must have departed from an EU airport,

  2. The flight was within the last 6 years

  3. It must be the airline’s fault

  4. The delay must be at least 3 hours

Compensation can be between £90 and £450 and is awarded per passenger.

Fieldings Porter would start the claim by sending a letter before action to the relevant airline and advise once a response has been received.

If you have been delayed more than three hours or you would like general advice about this and our fees to assist, then contact Emma Savage or a member of our Litigation Team.