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Road Traffic Accident blog

For the next in our series of blogs, Claire Richardson and Jack Harrison give you 5 Steps to take when you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident:

For most of us, when we’re involved in an accident, panic sets in and all common sense can go out the window. Here are our 5 top tips to keep you calm and make sure you don’t miss a trick;

  1. Be prepared – Make sure you know your insurance details as it is important to know what is and is not covered when you are involved in an accident. Keep a pen and paper in your glovebox so you can exchange details with any other vehicle drivers.

  2. Check everyone is OK- The safety and well being of you and your passengers is key. If you or anyone else involved are injured, you should seek medical attention straight away. 

  3. Evidence – The key pieces of information you should remember to obtain are the vehicle registration number of all vehicles involved and the name and telephone number of each driver. The more information you get the better, including driver address if insurer details are not known. You should also take photographs of all vehicle damage and positions as well. This will assist your insurance company determine who was at fault. Memories fade quickly!

  4. If in doubt ring the Police – If the accident is serious, the other driver(s) become confrontational or you are concerned that you are obstructing the highway, contact the Police.

  5. Notify your Insurance Company – Most insurance policies require you to tell your Insurance Company as soon as you have been involved in an accident. Failing to do this may invalidate your policy.

AND When you do ring your insurer and they ask you about personal injury, DO NOT take up their offer of a solicitor or claims management company. Contact us if you have suffered personal injury and we will provide you with unbiased, quality advice and assistance from our Bolton and Manchester offices. There is no advantage to you by using anyone recommended by your insurer.


If you have been injured in a Road Traffic Accident in the last 3 years and wish to speak to one of our Personal Injury experts, please contact us TODAY!