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What happens if you're lost in the system?

Peter Cunliffe
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Lots of patients when undergoing a procedure at hospital trust not only the person and their team when conducting the operation but also the vital role the administrators play. After surgery it’s not always easy to take in the findings the surgeon has...

Employment changes 2021

Sajeda Adam
  • Posted
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Here are some Employment Law changes we can expect to see in 2021:   Non-exclusivity Clauses   On 4 December 2020, the Government began consultation into two specific areas of employment law, both of which are due to end on 26 February 2021....

Now is the time to look after yourself and your loved ones

Liz Taylor
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There has never been a more important time to look out for oneself and those whom we hold dear. The daily news is enough for everyone to bunker down or escape. We are, sadly, stuck in an increasing mire of restrictions. The effect on the economy is massive...

No-fault Divorce One Step Closer

Marie Gorton
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Back in 2016, Pamela Donnellan examined the prospect of a 'no-fault' divorce option being introduced into England and Wales. That prospect now looks like becoming a reality soon, though not soon enough for many. Especially for those...

Hospitality and leisure sector considerations during Coronavirus - 13 May 2020

David Darlington
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Hospitality and leisure sector considerations during the Coronavirus outbreak The Coronavirus outbreak which has rocked the country is probably hitting the hospitality and leisure sector the hardest and the earliest. Restrictions on large gatherings such...

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