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Ashlea Thornton

2020 Septic Tank Regulations - what you need to know

  • Posted

WHAT WILL THE 2020 CHANGES TO SEPTIC TANK REGULATIONS MEAN FOR YOU? Septic tank changes. Not the most appealing opening line but for many home owners, something they are going to need to brush up on. Many homes across England and Wales are not connected...

First time buyers - what you need to know

  • Posted

First Time Buyers You will never be in a better position to purchase a property then when you are a first time buyer. Whilst your budget might be smaller than it is for future home purchase, you are eligible for the best mortgage rates with lenders often...

Make buying and selling your property easier?

  • Posted

Every year over one million homes are bought and sold in the UK and for the majority, the process is a positive one. For some, however, the home buying and selling process doesn’t run quite so smoothly and can often become increasingly costly with...

Buying or selling a property - beware the hidden costs

  • Posted

Buying or selling – are there hidden costs? Everyone knows that buying a property is an expensive time but what is often forgotten is that it isn’t just the deposit, the professionals’ fees and the money for new furniture that you need...

Leasehold Properties - what you need to know

  • Posted

Leasehold Properties - what you need to know Before buying a leasehold property, there are a few things that you should know. For example, even though leaseholders may have bought the property and have a mortgage bill every month to show for it, they...