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Happy, Smiley Birth Injuries Girl Receives Seven-Figure Award

Damages awards to clinical negligence victims may appear very large, but they are no more than is needed to pay for a lifetime of care. In one case, a happy, smiley and giggly little girl who suffered injuries of maximum severity during her birth received an NHS compensation package worth almost £8 million.

As a result of oxygen starvation during her delivery, the nine-year-old suffered from the most extreme form of cerebral palsy. She has no independent mobility and her mental and physical abilities have not progressed beyond those of a baby. Her life expectancy is sadly reduced and she will require 24-hour care throughout her life. She is, however, a sunny and much-loved personality who greatly enjoys spending time with her siblings and listening to nursery rhymes.

After action was taken on her behalf, the NHS trust that bore responsibility for the hospital where she was born admitted liability for her injuries and agreed to a final settlement of her claim. Together with a lump sum of £3.9 million, she will receive index-linked payments to cover the costs of her care for life.

Those payments will start at £391,000 a year and rise to £802,243 a year when she reaches the age of 19. The capital value of the settlement was estimated at £7,812,163. In approving the settlement, the High Court paid tribute to her parents, who had sacrificed much in providing her with wonderful care.

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