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Men Injured By Exploding E-Cigarette Batteries Win Damages

Two men who suffered burns when e-cigarette batteries caught fire in their trouser pockets have secured damages for their injuries.

The men, both from Norfolk, had bought the batteries from the same shop in Great Yarmouth in December 2015. The batteries were sold without any packaging and there were no safety instructions.

In February 2016, one of the men was getting ready to go to work when the battery, which was in his pocket with his loose change, exploded, emitting visible flames. He was treated in hospital for burn injuries and required several follow-up appointments. The accident has left him with scars on his leg.

The other man was injured the following month. He had his e-cigarette and two batteries in the pocket of his jeans, along with a number of coins, when one of the batteries caught fire, resulting in burns to his right buttock and thigh.

After taking legal advice, the men launched compensation claims against the shop where they had bought the batteries. The shop denied liability but agreed to settle both claims for five-figure sums.

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