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150 Years

Welcome to our page where we celebrate 150 years since the firm's existence in 1871. You can read more about the firm history here and also Matthew Fielding who founded the practice. 

We have a very committed Charitable Working Group who have helped raise thousands of pounds for national and local charities in recent years when we have had a Charity of the Year. In 2021 we have a Year of Charities as we look to support as many charities as we can, both local and national. We will tie in some to national awareness days as well as activities we run and will promote them here and on social media. We are aiming for 150 community and charitable activities throughout the year. No mean feat! Keep checking back here for an updated calendar of events and follow our progress on the Facebook page.

Should you like to make a donation please do so at our Go Fund Me page.

We will also be supported by our firm mascots. The first of these is the Fieldings Porter panda, Matthew. Matthew will be with us when we meet local charities and if you follow him on his very own instagram site, you will see him out and about as much as possible (lock down permitting!). More details on Matthew and the wider Fieldings Porter panda family soon.


150,000 Step Challenge - Staff are competing for the prize (not sure what it is yet...) of being first to 150,000 steps in January.  Vicki Stott, support staff in our private client team leads the way almost from the start and won with a monthly figure of 343,534 steps! Well done Vicki!

18.1.21 - National Brew Day - we have donated 150 boxes of tea bags to Bolton Nice

Throughout January we are supporting one of our local charities Backup for whom we're also a guardian in their 10 tin challenge. Yes, we're aiming for (at least) 150 tins.

25.1.21 - National Pie Day - with Matthew's help we delivered 150 pies to Bolton Nice. Matthew even received a mention in the Bolton News!


1.2.21 - We donated 150 croissants to Bolton Nice to celebrate National Croissant Day (who knew?). Matthew very much enjoyed himself as you can see on his very own Instagram page.

5.2.21 - We are wearing red for Lagan's Foundation as it's Wear Red Day. Donations can be made here. The Bolton News liked our efforts on this day too!