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Services for Businesses

Business Leases, Tenancies, Landlord & Tenant, Bolton, Manchester

A tenancy or lease exists where someone lets premises to another for a term in return for a rent. The term of the letting is usually a number of years.

The expression "business lease" is commonly used to refer to a tenancy of premises used for the purposes of running some kind of business. The premises may be a building, part of a building or even open land, used for example as a temporary car park.  The terms "business" as used in this context, does not however include agriculture or farming, where a different set of rules and customs applies.

Our solicitors can assist with items such as :-

  • Forfeiture
  • FRI - full repair and insuring leases
  • Guarantors
  • Insurance
  • Landlord's covenants
  • Landlord's continuing liability
  • Licence to assign and sub-letting
  • Rent reviews
  • Repairing liability
  • Right to renew and options to purchase
  • Tenant's continuing liability

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