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Fieldings Porter Solicitors - Legal Services in Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire, Greater Manchester

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Fieldings Porter Solicitors are a long established firm providing a range of legal services and we have offices in Bolton Town Centre and Manchester City Centre.  Find out more about our Firm History. We offer the full range of legal services for companies and individuals.

If you are selling your house and/or buying a new property, contact our conveyancing solicitors team. At the same time you should consider making a will.

If you are a company seeking legal services assisting in the legalities of constituting a company or how to finance it, then contact our company and commercial team of solicitors. We offer city expertise at high street fees.

If you require employment advice either as an employer or employee, contact our team of expert employment solicitors who can provide a array of legal services to find out your rights and what you need to do. Time is of the essence in such cases.

If you are a landlord and require legal assistance in the drafting of contacts or in dealings with tenants, we can help with our legal services for landlords. If you are a tenant experiencing difficulties with a landlord or housing association or council, then as the only firm in Bolton with a legal aid contract, we can act for you with legal aid. As with all our legal services, we offer housing advice from our Manchester office as we have a legal aid contract too.

If you’ve had an accident of any sort, and believe you have a claim, contact our personal injury solicitors team who have unrivalled legal services experience and expertise in all types of cases, including road traffic, slipping and tripping, accidents at work, industrial deafness and asbestos exposure. We also can advise you if you believe you have suffered medical or clinical negligence. Contact us before accepting a solicitor nominated by your car or household contents insurer. It won’t cost you anything to do so. We can act under a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is similar to a no win, no fee agreement.

If you have any dispute with neighbours or you are contesting a will or are unhappy at the advice from another professional or having matrimonial or problems gaining access to your children, or in trouble with the police, or have been charged with a criminal offence, then speak to our expert solicitors. You may be able to receive legal aid. If not we can arrange payment of costs on account to assist you whilst we act for you.

We have a culture of clients who use our professional solicitors instructing us again and again when they need legal services, advice and assistance. Once you’ve instructed us, we’re confident you’ll do the same. Find out what some of our clients say about us.