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See below for details about our Discounted Fixed Fee First Interview Scheme and how we can assist at certain stages of your case.

Dealing with a dispute, whether small or large, can be a particularly stressful experience, especially if you are unsure about the costs and procedures involved. Our Litigation solicitors regularly handle a wide range of disputes and we can provide practical and specialist advice with the aim of resolving your dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

Our lawyers have helped with the following situations:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Wherever possible, we always seek to settle disputes by negotiation. In many cases, disputes can be resolved by using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation . These procedures tend to be less formal and adversarial than litigation to Court. When Court action is necessary we will provide a vigorous and effective presentation of your case. There are occasions however, when Court action is necessary. Rest assured that our Litigation Team will provide a robust and efficient presentation of your case in order to gain the best result for you. We aim to provide a high quality service and will deal with your matter in a friendly and professional manner. We also work hard to ensure that there is regular communication with you to ensure you are kept informed about the progress of your case. Please contact us for advice on 01204 540999.

Fieldings Porter now offer a Discounted Fixed Fee First Interview Scheme which includes up to one hour face to face consultation with a solicitor and is followed up by a note of the advice given. 

If you need:-

  • Legal guidance, or
  • A legal perspective on documents you do not understand, or
  • Assistance in drafting legal documents or correspondence, or
  • Legal input to assist with difficult decisions with legal implications

No hidden fees – just one fixed affordable cost.  

Get the legal advice you need at a fixed cost

This is a cost effective way of getting the advice you need and finding out your options at a face to face – one to one appointment with one of our Litigation Solicitors. Our Fixed Fee Schemes mean there are no hidden costs and the discounted rate provides excellent value for money whilst getting the advice you need.

Our team is made up of specialist Litigation Solicitors with expertise in the following areas:-

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation
  • County Court Actions
  • Debt Recovery
  • Inheritance Claims/Contested Wills
  • Construction/Building Disputes
  • Consumer Law
  • Contract Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Neighbour/Boundary Disputes
  • Professional Negligence

Appointments can take place at our Bolton or Manchester offices and will be with a fully qualified solicitor. Payment is required in advance of your appointment and can be taken on the day of your appointment.

This first interview can only be used once for any particular issue. However, Fieldings Porter also offer consultancy schemes which allow you to take professional legal advice whenever you need it and at whatever stage of your case, as a one off or throughout your case, whilst providing you with certainty as to costs. Should these consultancy schemes be of interest to you we can provide the full details at your first appointment.

If you wish to book an appointment under this scheme please contact us.

Our other Fixed Fee Consultancy Schemes

Should you require additional help following the first fixed fee appointment, then we offer other consultancy schemes which can help you obtain as much advice and assistance as you wish at any stage of proceedings in a cost effective manner whilst remaining in complete control of your case.  

Option 1 - Pay As You Go Consultancy Scheme


Time allowed

£150 inclusive of VAT

Up to half an hour  face to face consultation

£250 inclusive of VAT

Up to one hour face to face consultation

Our Pay As You Go Scheme offers a greater flexibility as to how the time can be used and as often as needed.

The time you pay for can be applied however you wish:-

A meeting or telephone consultation with your solicitor to

  • Discuss the problem and provide an explanation as to your legal options
  • Obtain practical advice on what steps you should take to protect your position
  • Assist with completion of any Court or other legal forms.
  • Assist with the drafting of important letters/documents for you (but which are to be sent by you).

Obtaining advice on any legal documentation received by client.

Option 2 –Early Resolution Scheme


Time allowed

£750 inclusive of VAT

  • Up to one hour face to face consultation
  • Assess the merits of your case and provide practical advice to progress your case
  • Drafting the  letter before action or initial correspondence to be sent to your opponent
  • Corresponding with the opponent
  • Advising you of the opponent’s response and advising you as to the next step. 


If you choose to continue your claim on our standard retainer basis we will help you in making decisions to achieve the best possible result for you.  We will provide you with practical legal advice and support you throughout the entire claim.  We would charge clients at an hourly rate for the work that we do for them.

County Court Action – DIY and Ad Hoc Advice

We understand that going to court can be very expensive. In a civil claim with a value of less than £10,000.00 the Court's general rule is that each party bears their own costs. So even if you win, you may still have a large legal bill to attend to.

In more complex cases it is always advisable to instruct a qualified and regulated solicitor to deal with your case. We understand however that it is not always financially possible to do this for the whole case.

It is for this reason that more and more litigants in person, that it, a person who is not legally represented, are opting to instruct solicitors at specific points in the litigation to assist with specific court directions. Common examples include instructing solicitors to prepare your witness statements or advise on document disclosure. Other examples include the preparation of court bundles or arranging legal representation for the trial. Instructing a solicitor to deal with these tasks ensures that each task is prepared, executed and presented in accordance with the legal rules and principles. Alternatively you may wish to instruct a solicitor to advise you on your prospects of succeeding at trial and any suitable settlement proposals based on litigation risk, namely whether, on balance, you are going to win or not.

If you would like tailored assistance with a civil case you are involved in or you would like to discuss any contemplated court action, contact a member of our Litigation Team today on 01204 540999.

Construction/Building Disputes

Whenever you instruct or are instructed by someone to carry out work and services, a binding agreement is created. Very often these contracts have very little in terms of paperwork to support what is involved especially if the services seem straightforward.  

Irrespective of the extent and nature of the contract, disputes can arise. Whether this is over the quality of the work, or the time it takes to carry out the work and if the contract does not refer to these issues, then issues may arise in relation to interpretation of the contract. Obtaining timely legal advice can be crucial.

Consumer Law

As a consumer, you are protected by various Acts of Parliament which are aimed at consumer rights and problems. Such problems include buying faulty goods, fraud, mis-selling of a product, and buying services which are unsatisfactory.

Our Litigation Solicitors are able to provide advice on all aspects of Consumer Law such as The Sale of Goods Act , The Supply of Goods and Services Act, The Consumer Protection Act 1987 and Consumer Contracts Regulations.  

If you have been sold a faulty product, bought services which are unsatisfactory, or have employed a tradesman who has failed to complete the work to a satisfactory standard then we can advise you on your options of either obtaining a refund or suing for damages.

Contract Disputes

A contract is a legally binding verbal or written agreement usually between two or more persons that can be enforced by law. Contracts are a part of everyday life and can include agreements to provide a service or maybe rent a property – either as a landlord or a tenant.

Our litigation solicitors have a wealth of experience and knowledge to enable us to advise you on a wide range of contracts, their effects upon your rights and obligations under them.  We can also advise you on your options which could include issuing proceedings.

Partnership Disputes and Shareholder and Director disputes

You may find that you need legal advice before entering into a contract such a franchise agreement or partnership agreement or have fallen out with fellow shareholders or directors of the company. Our litigation solicitors have experience in dealing with these types of agreements. These agreements can often be lengthy with complex issues.  We are able to clarify any issues so that you are clear on what is required of you and what you can expect to receive before you sign anything.

With this type of work, our costs can depend on the complexity of the situation and we may ask to see the relevant paperwork before providing a quote for the work.

You can expect to receive clear and concise advice and information on your rights and obligations together with any appropriate suggestions for amendments based on the circumstances.

Neighbour/Boundary Disputes

At Fieldings Porter we realise how distressing a dispute with a neighbour can become as the situation can quickly escalate negatively impacting on the neighbourly relationship and your ability to enjoy home life.

Neighbour disputes can usually include issues such as:

  • Boundary, Fences and Wall disputes
  • Trees and High Hedge disputes
  • Party Wall Act disputes and Notices
  • Rights of Way/Trespass
  • Access over neighbouring land
  • Adverse possession claims

Our Litigation Solicitors can offer practical advice and solutions and we will make every effort to avoid court action whenever possible helping you to resolve these issues as early as possible. We would always recommend trying to sort things out with your neighbour as amicably if that is ever possible.  You should try to record all agreements between you and maintain a detailed diary of all incidents as this information could be required if court proceedings prove to be necessary. We would always advise that court proceedings are a final option as this can be a costly process.

Professional Negligence

Many people seek advice from professionals such as accountants, architects, surveyors and solicitors on many different matters. That professional advisor should provide guidance and advice to achieve the best possible result. However on occasions, you may experience poor or careless advice which can lead to serious consequences and if so, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the professional involved. 

Our Litigation Solicitors have experience in helping clients to identify when this is the case and will assess and advise you on the chances of obtaining a successful negligence claim together with the potential costs. Follow the link for more information.

Your initial appointment will usually be offered under our Discounted Fixed Fee First Interview Scheme.   However our costs can depend on the complexity of the claim and we may need offer a retainer scheme.

Fieldings Porter can also assist with claims against medical professionals. However this type of Professional Negligence Claim is called Medical or Clinical Negligence .

Call 01204 540999 and speak to a legally qualified member of our team who can deal with your enquiry straight away.

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