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Don't you hate being let down in your business dealings by someone you trust?  It's always distressing and can be expensive. But if you receive poor service from a professional (for example, an accountant, surveyor or lawyer) whose organisation boasts membership of various professional bodies apparently ensuring best practice, the feeling of being let down can be even greater.

A professional negligence claim is where a professional person (such as a solicitor, and any other adviser with specialist skills) fails to perform their duty or responsibilities to the standards expected. This causes their client to suffer damage or loss.

You can make a claim against any professional who has a particular skill or expertise in the services they provide. As a client, you expect a professional to give you the right advice as they have specialist skills within their area. For a professional negligence claim, you must demonstrate that a duty of care was owed by the professional and they have breached their duty of care to you, which has caused you loss.

Pursuing your Negligence Claim

Complaints against a professional services organisation are all too often met with an unhelpful, negative, sometimes even aggressive approach, even when there is a regulatory body to whom you can turn. Our solicitors can help you cut through the jargon that may be used to muddy the waters if your initial complaint is not treated seriously. Using us to pursue a negligence claim shows that the organisation mean business. Once a claim is presented to its best advantage we often find that the organisation will wish to settle, often we will look for alternative methods of resolving disputes apart from bringing the matter to court.

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