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Criminal Injury Compensation Bolton and Manchester

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If you’ve been physically or psychologically injured by a violent crime or sexually abused in the last two years you could be entitled to compensation. Call 01204 540999 and speak to a member of our team who can deal with your enquiry straight away.

We are Criminal Injuries Specialists

Fieldings Porter Solicitors are criminal injury specialists and can offer the guidance and support you need for such claims. We can help you make a claim for compensation as well as providing practical help and legal advice.

We are able to proceed with cases on a privately paying basis, but more commonly on a Contingency Fee Agreement where an agreed percentage of your compensation is payable as your contribution towards our costs for the work done in obtaining the compensation for you.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Agreement(s) Scheme

Criminal Injuries Compensation has been available through a state scheme to the victims of violent crime since 1964. This government organisation makes payments to the victims of violent crimes and we have worked successfully with the CICA to claim compensation for many of our clients.

Although the Criminal Injuries scheme has undergone a number of changes over the years substantial sums can be awarded in respect of the injuries suffered which can be physical or psychological. Compensation can also be awarded to victims of sexual assault and abuse.

The CICA will also consider claims for the following:

  • loss of earnings - where you have no or limited capacity to work as the direct result of a criminal injury;

  • special expenses payments - these cover certain costs you may have incurred as a direct result of an incident. You can only ask us to consider special expenses if your injuries mean you have been unable to work or have been incapacitated to a similar extent for more than 28 weeks;

  • a fatality caused by a crime of violence including bereavement payments, payments for loss of parental services and financial dependency; and funeral payments.

In order for us to consider your injury claim, your case needs to meet the following criteria:-

  1. Your injury was serious enough to need multiple medical treatments by a doctor, hospital etc.

  2. You were injured in an act of violence in England or Wales. An offender does not necessarily have to have been convicted of, or even charged with that crime - you may still be able to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

  3. The incident that caused your injury occurred less than two years ago, although some exceptions can be made where the injured party is a child.

  4. You don't have a criminal record and have reported the incident to the Police.

Appeal Panel/Tribunal Hearings

We also have experience in appearing at Appeal Panel/Tribunal hearings and obtaining substantial amounts by way of compensation should your claim initially not be successful.

Compensation awards of up to £500,000 can be achieved under the current scheme.

Compensation Claims Case studies include:

  • A head injury sustained in early years leaving the client with life changing ability to self care. The overall award was in excess of £4 million including funding for care, Court of Protection costs within a Permitted Purposes Fund in addition to his own sum of compensation.
  • A head injury and subsequent hemiplegia arising from a blow to the head with a hammer. Compensation due to the client in excess of £150,000, Court of Protection via a Deputy involved.
  • We successfully made a claim for criminal injuries compensation for a client who sustained serious injuries to his forehead and face after being a victim to an unprovoked attack. The client had 14 stitches and was left with permanent scarring. The client received £2400 compensation.  

Call 01204 540999 and speak to a legally qualified member of our team who can deal with your enquiry straight away.

Contact our Criminal Injury department now!