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Licensing Bolton

Any business that operates in the entertainment and leisure industry needs to ensure it has the correct licences in place. Any business owner will be aware of the potential consequences and costs of errors during the licensing application process e.g. opening premises late, being forced to close while licences are sorted out.

Our Licensing solicitors can assist you with all of your licensing requirements, from routine to more complex matters. We handle licensing applications, objections and appeals for a range of clients.  The lawyers can help with:

  • Personal licences
  • Premises licences
  • Club Premise Certificates 
  • Taxi licences and appeals

We can advise you on all aspects of licensing from the initial stages of making an application to ongoing operational issues. To help you manage your business and keep up to date on Licensing Law we can provide basic legal training and updates.

Please contact us on 01204 540900 for further information and how we can operate on both fixed fees and hourly rates.