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We can provide a comprehensive service of advice, representation, and appearing at Court Hearings to both Landlords and Tenants in housing and residential Landlord and Tenant matters. We are rated as Category 1 (the highest rating) by the Legal Aid Agency, as of 2019.

Our Housing Team have considerable experience acting for both Landlords and Tenants in various types of housing cases including:-

  • Possession Claims.
  • Unlawful eviction and harassment claims.
  • Homelessness.
  • Disrepair and Statutory Nuisance claims.
  • Tenancy Deposit claims.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction cases.


We have a Legal Aid Agency  Legal Aid Contract in Housing Law. Legal Aid is means tested - use this online eligibility calculator . If you quality financially we can advise you free of charge. We may also be able to represent you in Court proceedings free of charge.

Legal Aid is no longer available for most Disrepair claims and Tenancy Deposit claims, but we may be able to represent you under a “No win No fee” agreement. Call us to discuss your case.


If you are a Landlord our Housing Team can advise you on your tenancy obligations. We can also represent you bringing Court proceedings to recover possession and we can handle disrepair and illegal eviction claims. See below for details of our Possession Claim Fixed Fees.

If you need advice and assistance about a Housing or Landlord and Tenant problem, if you want to bring a claim or start Court proceedings, or if you are already involved in Court proceedings please contact a member of our Housing Team on 01204 540900.

Fixed Fees

Possession Claims – Fixed Fees

If you want to recover possession you must follow the correct legal process. Many tenants leave after a Notice Seeking Possession has been served. If they do not you will need to obtain a Possession Order. You can bring an Accelerated Possession Claim if you have a written Tenancy Agreement and you do not want to claim rent arrears within the Possession Proceedings. Otherwise you must bring a Possession Claim that will be fixed for a Court Hearing.

Contact us to discuss your proposed Possession Claim. If you decide to proceed with a claim against your assured shorthold tenant our fees are:

  1. Notice . Review the tenancy documents. Advise. Draft and serve a Section 8 and / or Section 21 Notice Seeking Possession.


  1. Possession.

a) Accelerated Possession Claims. Draft the Court papers, issue proceedings. Obtain a Possession Order.

b) Other Possession Claims. Draft the Court papers. Issue Proceedings. Attend the First Hearing and obtain a Possession Order.


If the tenant defends the proceedings further charges may be payable.






  1. Eviction . If the tenant does not leave after a Possession Order is made a Warrant for Possession will be needed so the bailiff can evict them.


Please note that all the figures above are exclusive of VAT and Court fees. If you have to issue Court proceedings the court issue fee is £355. If you have to apply for a Warrant for Possession the Court Fee is £121.

It is helpful when you attend your initial consultation if you bring the Tenancy Agreement, the names and addresses of the landlord and tenant, the Deposit Protection Certificate (if applicable) and an up to date rent statement.

Contact our Housing team now!  or to make an appointment at our Bolton or Manchester city centre office.