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Agricultural Solicitors

Whether you are running a family farm, a large-scale agricultural business or any other type of agricultural enterprise, having access to specialist legal advisers who understand your industry can make all the difference to you and your business.

At Fieldings Porter, our solicitors are highly experienced in offering advice to members of the farming community and a wide range of agricultural businesses. We can offer expert legal services for your personal and family law needs, as well as all areas of commercial law affecting the agricultural sector.

With many years of experience advising farming families and agricultural businesses, we recognise the unique challenges you face. Our team can provide clear, pragmatic legal guidance tailored to your personal circumstances, making sure that all of your concerns are listened to and that your goals can be achieved.

Our agricultural law experts work with individuals, families and businesses in the agricultural community throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and nationally. We have particular expertise in areas including divorce and inheritance disputes for farming families, farming business disputes, agricultural property disputes and general agricultural business law.

With strong links throughout the local community, we have earned a reputation for reliability and practicality, offering comprehensive legal support for every aspect of your business and personal legal affairs in connection to the farming industry.

For friendly, expert advice in plain English, you can contact our agricultural solicitors at our offices in Bolton and Manchester or you can use our simple online form to ask us a question.

Our agricultural legal advice services

Farming divorce

Divorce is never easy, but when there is a family farming business to consider, it can make reaching a financial settlement especially tricky. While farms and farm businesses often have a considerable value, these assets cannot generally be easily divided between the parties to a divorce. There is also often the issue of the family home being tied to the business.

Our farming divorce specialists can advise you on the best route to achieve a fair divorce settlement while protecting the family business. We can offer expert guidance on issues such as avoiding the need to sell off farming assets to fund the divorce settlement and dealing with any debts leveraged against the business or its assets.

Farming inheritance

Inheritance is another area where farming families often need expert legal advice. Finding a way to give a fair inheritance to children and other dependants, while avoiding splitting up or selling off the family business can be particularly challenging.

Our farming inheritance solicitors can help with effective succession planning to avoid these issues. Our expertise includes ensuring there is a clear plan for the continuation of the business to the next generation and making sure any family members not involved in the business are provided for.

Farming disputes

Even with the best planning, disputes cannot always be avoided. The important thing is to get the right legal advice as soon as possible to help you find a positive way forward while minimising any disruption to your business or negative long-term impact.

Our dispute resolution lawyers take a non-confrontational approach wherever possible, helping you to find amicable solutions that protect your interests and your business. This approach is especially beneficial in disputes between family members, where minimising conflict can help to preserve important family relationships.

However, where court proceedings are required, we can offer step-by-step legal guidance and representation, along with strong support to make dealing with these proceedings as simple and stress-free as possible.

Agricultural property law

Whether you are a land owner, tenant, agricultural business or have any other financial interest in agricultural property, it is always important to get expert legal advice to ensure you can achieve your business goals while staying legally protected.

Our agricultural property lawyers can assist you with matters including buying and selling farm land, agricultural buildings and related property, farming business tenancies, purchase and sale of agricultural business and agricultural property dispute resolution.

Agricultural business law

We can advise your business on all of the standard commercial law matters that you may need to deal with, including commercial contracts and employment law, as well as matters specific to the agricultural industry.

Our agricultural law expertise includes grazing licences, farm business tenancies, family farming partnership agreements, contract farming agreements, farm partnerships, limited partnerships and LLPs for agribusinesses, and termination of farm business tenancies.

Equestrian law

Our team regularly advise clients on all areas of equestrian law, with particular experience working with the equestrian services industry. Whether you are a horse owner or run an equestrian business, we can provide the specialist legal guidance you need.

Our expertise includes planning permission and change of use for agricultural land, grazing licences, tenancy agreements for grazing horses, equine business leases, and all livery and stabling matters.

Our agricultural law fees

We realise that cost is often an important consideration, so we aim for total transparency with our fees. Our agricultural solicitors will give a clear indication of costs when you first discuss your needs with us, so you have the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Some of our services can be offered on a fixed fee basis, meaning we will agree a price at the outset to complete a specific piece of work for you. This gives you certainty over the final cost involved.

For other services, we will typically work according to an hourly rate. This allows us to give you the exact level of support you need, no matter how complex your legal requirements.

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