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5 top tips to follow if arrested by the Police

1. When you are booked in, the sergeant will ask if you want a solicitor. Always ask for Fieldings Porter. It is free and does not delay the investigation.

2. Do not discuss the allegations without speaking to your solicitor first. When you are being booked in, CCTV is recording and any admissions could be used against you. Telephone conversations, even to your solicitor, can be overheard and could be used as part of the investigation.

3. Do not be interviewed about the allegations without your solicitor. Insist they are present, it is your right.

4. Follow the advice of your solicitor, not the police; we represent you and are there to help you.

5. If you are released on bail or to return at a future date, keep in touch with your solicitor and ensure they are with you if there is a second interview.

 If you require any legal advice, please contact the Crime Department on: 01204 540900 or 07786655345