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5 top tips when charged or summonsed with a criminal offence

1.         Contact Fieldings Porter and tell us what offence(s) you have been charged with and when you are in Court.

2.         In good time before your first appearance, see us to arrange the funding in your case; either legal aid or how much you need to pay privately to be represented.

3.         Arrive early at Court to allow as much time as possible for us to go through the evidence against you prior to your case being called on.

4.         If you are pleading not guilty, provide us with details of any potential witnesses as soon as possible so that they can be contacted and your trial prepared.

5.         If you think you will be pleading guilty, it may help your case to obtain character references or other documents about you; ask us if these would be useful and try to provide copies of anything you want to rely on in advance of the hearing.

Good preparation will stand you in good stead at Court.

If you require any legal advice, please contact the Crime Department on: 01204 540900