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Local Lockdown Legends



Someone who you feel is worthy of recognition for their outstanding efforts?

Someone who has been a shining light in these darkest of times?

Maybe it’s a Key Worker who has ‘kept calm and carried on’? Or a home schooling hero?  A Childcare champion? Someone who has provided services to the community to keep spirits up?




A year has passed since the start of the first national lockdown. At the start, we were hopeful that social distancing would be a short-term inconvenience and that we would not really need stockpiles of hand sanitiser and loo roll. We all hoped that life would be back to normal by summertime 2020.


Sadly, that was not to be and despite the outstanding efforts of our NHS and others working within the healthcare services, infection rates continued to rise, and the weeks turned in to months, and now years. 


The whilst the whole of our local community of Greater Manchester is to be congratulated for its response to the difficult adjustments and sacrifices that have had to be made, we at Fieldings Porter recognise that there are some who have risen to this challenge in an extraordinary way. Those who have gone above and beyond in the face of adversity in the last 12 months. 


2021 is Fieldings Porter’s 150th year serving the local community, and as part of our celebration of that milestone, we wish to ‘shine a light’ on those in Greater Manchester who have made a real difference during the challenging 12 months that we have all endured, as we look forward to what will hopefully be brighter days ahead.


Over the coming weeks, Fieldings Porter would like to share the stories of LOCAL LOCKDOWN LEGENDS, to highlight their efforts over the past 12 months. Nominations will be put to our panel, who will choose an OUTSTANDING LOCKDOWN LEGEND.


As part of our ‘YEAR OF CHARITIES’ to mark our 150th year, we will donate (£150.00) to the charity of choice of the OUTSTANDING LOCKDOWN LEGEND. The winner will also receive (£150.00 in amazon vouchers). 
If you would like to nominate a LOCAL LOCKDOWN LEGEND, please follow this link to tell us their story. Hurry, the closing date for nominations is 14 May 2021