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Pamela Donnellan

Resolving Financial Matters After A Relationship Breakdown

  • Posted

For reasons of public policy, the court encourages people to settle their matrimonial disputes amicably. It is therefore possible to submit an agreed consent order to the court for approval without needing to attend. However, the court will not simply rubber...

Divorce: The Law Currently

  • Posted

A divorce cannot be issued until the parties have been married for one year. The spouse who commences the proceedings is known as the Petitioner as they “petition” the Judge for a divorce. The spouse who receives the Divorce Petition from...

The Arrangements For Children After A Relationship Breakdown

  • Posted

The breakdown of a relationship can be an emotional and stressful experience, not only for the adults involved but also for the children. Issues such as with whom and where the children are to live and how often the children should see the other parent...

No fault divorce?

  • Posted

Is ‘no-fault’ divorce coming to England and Wales? The only ground for divorce in England and Wales is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. The court cannot hold that the marriage has broken down irretrievably unless the...

A rise in Pre-Nuptial Agreements?

  • Posted

Arguably, once seen as the preserve of the rich and famous, Pre-Nuptial Agreements or “Pre-Nups” as they are often referred to are becoming increasingly common, particularly in the context of people getting married or entering into civil...