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Make buying and selling your property easier?

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Every year over one million homes are bought and sold in the UK and for the majority, the process is a positive one. For some, however, the home buying and selling process doesn’t run quite so smoothly and can often become increasingly costly with sales falling through at the last minute and unknown professional fees not becoming known until the final stages of the transaction.

The government is therefore proposing to reform the process with the view to making it smoother, quicker and cheaper.

The current process is by no means simple, with the Law Society laying out 70 steps which buyers and sellers must go through from the point of accepting an offer to completion. It is also estimated that approximately one quarter of sales fall through, costing buyers and sellers in the region of £500 - £750 in wasted professional fees.

In attempt to combat this, the government has issued a Call for Evidence. In doing this, they have invited all members of the public to complete a survey, either online or by post, giving their opinions on how to improve the current structure.

A link to the online survey is below, and this can be completed until 17 December 2017 with responses being emailed to or via the link -

One of the many complaints by both home buyers  is that the whole process is complicated and confusing. Here at Fieldings Porter, we pride ourselves on providing a service which makes the process as simple as it can be. We produce detailed Reports on Title for every property we assist in purchasing, setting out everything you need to know in simple and concise terms and offer appointments at both our Manchester and Bolton offices in order to run through these reports to ensure that there is nothing you don’t know or understand.

Another issue for many buyers is that the whole process is too costly with many people ending up incurring additional fees as they have had to appoint separate solicitors to act for their lender. Fieldings Porter are a Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme approved firm and sit on the majority of bank lending panels, and on the rare occasion we do not, we are always happy to apply to be on a panel and on the whole, are successful. What this means is that we can act for both you and your lender meaning that you only incur one lot of legal fees and don’t have the stress and added complication of dealing with a lender’s solicitor.

For the majority of sellers, the aim is to sell the property as quickly as possible. At Fieldings Porter we aim to streamline the process as much as possible in order to make the process as efficient as possible. As a CQS approved firm we have a proven track record for providing a high quality and efficient service.