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Now is the time to look after yourself and your loved ones

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There has never been a more important time to look out for oneself and those whom we hold dear. The daily news is enough for everyone to bunker down or escape. We are, sadly, stuck in an increasing mire of restrictions. The effect on the economy is massive but so it is on our health even if we remain free from coronavirus.

While we worry we also need to take action. The indiscriminate nature of Covid is such that we can never tell when we might come into close contact with an infected person. All this has brought into sharper relief the need to look after ourselves and those whom we love, health wise but also financially. A key part of that is making sure your will is up to date and expresses your current wishes. If it doesn't, starkly, it may be too late to do anything about it later. The same applies to a Lasting Power of Attorney. In many cases these cannot be prepared too soon. They cannot be made retrospectively. The timing is all important but don't delay.

While we don't like scaremongering as reputable legal advisors it would be remiss of us not to spell out the pitfalls of failing to put in place your wishes before it's too late. We can make sure things happen as you wish them to be rather than have family fight in the aftermath as in this case. This case also shows it's important to have the necessary documents prepared and dealt with properly and to the necessary standard. We have 3 STEP accredited solicitors. The training and exam they sat is arguably the toughest post qualification to attain. Why trust your all important documents to someone else. They may be cheaper, such as a will writer, but are they qualified? Are they insured? Will they be around in 5 or 10 or 20 years when a query arises? Do they register the will?

We've been around for over 149 years. Trust us and no one else to guide you through these dark days and... stay safe.

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