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Health and Safety Policies Must Be Taken Seriously

When employees are working 'out of the office', their employer remains responsible for making sure that their working conditions are reasonably safe, and in that context having a safety policy alone is not must be taken seriously.

A recent case dealt with a personal injury claim brought by an employee who had previously raised issues with her employer regarding the moving of heavy items when doing her job as a tiler. The firm's policy was that heavy items such as refrigerators should be moved prior to the employee commencing work. However, when she raised the issue because this was not happening in practice, her employer did not take the complaint seriously.

When she was subsequently injured when trying to move a heavy item of white goods so that she could carry out her work, the employer was left with no credible defence.

Not only must appropriate risk assessments be carried out, but health and safety policies must also be enforced.

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