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Middle-Aged Stroke Victim Receives Seven-Figure Recompense

Where a life is blighted by medical negligence, it is only right that full compensation is paid. In a case on point, the NHS agreed to pay seven-figure damages to a family man who suffered a devastating stroke after his anti-coagulant medication was stopped.

The man was in his mid-50s when he underwent coronary bypass surgery. His recovery was complicated by heart fluttering and arrhythmia. His treatment with anti-coagulant drugs was nevertheless discontinued after an apparent improvement in his condition. About a year later, he suffered a stroke that caused severe right-sided brain damage. Speech, mobility and cognitive difficulties have left him dependent on the care and support of his family.

After legal action was taken on his behalf, the NHS trust that bore responsibility for his care swiftly admitted liability in full for the consequences of the stroke. Negotiations yielded a final settlement of his claim whereby he would receive a £1,750,000 lump sum, together with index-linked payments of £110,000 a year to cover the costs of his care for life.

In approving the settlement, the High Court noted that no amount of money could turn the clock back or put right the damage done. A good outcome had been achieved in his best interests, however. The Court praised the man's wife for tending to his every need with tireless devotion.

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