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Personal Injury Recompense - Could Military Veterans Be Missing Out?

The UK government is currently analysing feedback from a public consultation that could have an impact on access to personal injury compensation for military veterans and their families.

'Supporting Our Veterans: A Consultation' called on UK veterans and organisations to share their views and experiences, in a bid to help shape the future of veteran-related policies. Described as a comprehensive evidence-gathering effort, the consultation is aimed at pulling together information on existing issues encountered by veterans to help develop remedies.

As part of its remit, the consultation is looking into the management of compensation awards for injured service personnel. The extent to which injured personnel and veterans are supported to make informed decisions about managing their compensation awards is being explored, along with perceptions of the claims process. The government is also asking how official communications concerning Armed Forces pension and compensation schemes could be further improved.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has submitted its own response to the consultation, raising concerns that injured military personnel risk being under-compensated because their rights are not made clear to them by the government. It contends that it is not made clear to personnel that, as well as using the Ministry of Defence's Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, they can also pursue a separate civil claim for damages.

Further information on the consultation process can be found on the Government's website.