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Settlement for Flight Attendant Injured in Turbulence

A flight attendant who broke her leg in seven places after the aircraft on which she was working flew through severe turbulence has secured compensation for her injuries.

The pilot told the cabin crew to resume their seats moments before the aircraft entered a violent hailstorm. However, the woman had not had time to secure her trolley and sit down before the plane was suddenly thrust 500ft upwards and she was thrown to the floor. She broke her fibula in five places and also suffered a broken tibia, a fracture to the side of her foot and a cracked ankle bone. She was in extreme pain for the rest of the flight and was taken to hospital immediately after the plane landed.

She was unable to walk for two months and underwent a number of operations and intense rehabilitation. As a result of her injuries it is extremely painful for her to stand for long periods, meaning she is unable to return to work as a flight attendant.

After taking legal advice, she brought a claim against the travel operator's insurer. The flight had taken a 100-mile detour to avoid bad weather, but she claimed that the cabin crew had not been warned about the risk of turbulence, either at the pre-flight briefing or after the flight took off.

Although the insurer denied liability, a six-figure settlement of her claim was agreed. The settlement reflects the severity of her injuries, her loss of earnings and the costs of her treatment and rehabilitation.