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Young Man Injured in Construction Site Fall Wins £4.5 Million Damages

Accidents at work can have catastrophic consequences and, if you are a victim, you should have no hesitation in consulting a solicitor. In a case on point, a young man whose life was wrecked when he fell seven storeys through an unguarded hatch received a seven-figure award.

The man was in his 20s and performing a creative role during an overseas product launch when he fell down an uncovered stair shaft on the roof of a building under construction. He suffered serious traumatic brain damage, internal injuries and multiple broken bones, including spinal, pelvic and facial fractures.

He was in a coma in a foreign hospital for weeks before returning to Britain for more treatment and rehabilitation. His attempts to live independently were hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. He remains, however, a talented and charming young man who has retained much of his creative ability and who hopes to perform a valuable role in society.

After proceedings were launched, and following negotiations with insurers, a £4.5 million settlement of his case was achieved. That sum represented 60 per cent of the full value of his claim. Recognising litigation risks involved in the case and the added difficulties posed by the pandemic, the High Court was happy to approve the settlement.