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Peter Cunliffe

Where/when you studied: Canon Slade Secondary School, The University of Birmingham and Manchester Metropolitan University

Professional expertise before joining the firm: None

When you joined the firm: September 1997

Department responsibilities: Partner in the Civil and Criminal Litigation Department

Areas of special legal expertise:  Clinical Negligence for claimants, inquests arising out of medical negligence, criminal defence, civil and commercial disputes

Committees or organisations:

  • Bolton Law Society President for 2020 and 2021
  • Duty Solicitor
  • Higher Rights of Audience (Criminal)
  • University of Bolton, Law Advisory Board member
  • Inspire Women Awards - Judge 2020


Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence:

  • Froggatt v LEP International Ltd [2002] EWCA Civ 600 (17 April 2002)
  • (BH) (2023) - Settlement reached after dentist removed wrong tooth. This required further surgery to remove the affected tooth.
  • (AW) (2023) - Claim relating to a failure to provide the client with blood tests to rule out hepatitis C. Admission from a GP of that failing which would have resulted in earlier diagnosis and treatment.
  • (JV) (2023) - Claim relating to a failure to act on the findings of an MRI scan which showed an epidural collection in the lower spine. The delay led to worsening infection and an irreversible diagnosis of adhesive arachnoiditis causing severe ongoing pain.
  • (BH) (2023) - Settlement following admitted manual handling failure by paramedics when moving client from her wheelchair, causing lacerations to her ankles requiring extensive district nursing treatment to the skin.
  • (AH) (2023) - Acting in a case following spinal surgery by John Bradley Williamson, former spinal surgeon at the Salford Royal Hospital. Negligent planning of the operation and acting contrary to MDT decision, misplaced screw insertion requiring revision surgery and resulting back problems.
  • (AB) (2022) - Settlement on behalf of the estate of a young man who went to the GP, was not referred to hospital and died the following day.
  • (RB) (2022) - Advocacy at the Preston Coroner's Court and resulting settlement on behalf of an estate after procedures in A and E weren't followed and the negligent insertion of a chest drain caused fatal injuries.
  • (JL) (2022) - Advocacy at an appeal hearing conducted remotely to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority about a re-opening of an award. Case successfully reopened and increased. 
  • (JC) (2021) - Settlement after supportive evidence in a case where the torsion of a testicle wasn't properly identified or dealt with in time resulting in loss of the testicle, causing pain and suffering and psychological distress.
  • (AB) (2021) Settlement for the estate following an admission on behalf of the GP that he had failed properly to examine him and send him to hospital, resulting in a pulmonary embolism and death the following day.
  • (JH) (2021) Settlement achieved following an initial successful operation but a failure to identify worsening condition when stepped down to the ward and a delay in escalation resulted in an admission to intensive care, a prolonged stay in ICU which caused delirium and a protracted recovery.
  • (JS) (2021) Settlement after proceedings issued following admitted breach of duty in changing the long-standing bi-polar diagnosis and withdrawal of Lithium. This caused a marked deterioration in the client's mental health for which, after many years' perseverance, an acceptable sum was received.  
  • (WH) (2020) - Settlement by way of Part 36 for a client whose fractured finger wasn't strapped as it should have been by the walk-in centre, causing lasting pain and injury.
  • (PG) (2020) - Settlement for estate following an administrative failing in re-listing the deceased for follow up. As a result the tumour went undiagnosed until no curative surgery was possible and he dies shortly afterwards.
  • (CC) (2020) - Settlement after issuing proceedings following admissions on behalf of the general practice for failing to undertake annual medication reviews and failing to stop nitrofurantoin after respiratory symptoms developed and secondly drug-induced hepatitis. 
  • (ET) (2020) - Settlement for family of father who died after being pushed over by another patient at a local hospital. Liability denied but while death was not caused by the alleged breach of duty of care, the fracture to the hip and consequential psychological distress was.
  • (AO) (2020) - Client settled a long-running claim after negligent cataract treatment which required revision surgery.
  • (MG) (2020) - Sister of brother settled a case after an inquest following his death days after an uneventful operation at a north west private hospital. He quickly deteriorated but there was a delay in transfer to the NHS hospital which would have ensured his survival.
  • (JM) (2020) - Instructed on a case where the widow's husband's deterioration was not identified early enough and his cardiac arrest could have been avoided and he could have lived for a further 10 years. Liability admitted. 
  • (CP) (2020) - Settlement reached after client suffered burns following failures in a nursing home to observe him when smoking as a vulnerable individual and comply with their own care plan and risk assessments.
  • (N) (2019) - Instructed in a continuing case where due to admitted failings by the hospital trust the infant client suffered and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Interim payments obtained.
  • (KB) (2019) - Settlement reached following alleged failure by hospital and district nurses to identify and properly treat heel blisters which became pressure sores of grades 2 and 3 in an elderly patient.
  • CN (2019) - Admitted breach of duty in failing to stop long term prescription of Metoclopramide. Causation then conceded after a DAT scan showed that the tremor to the shoulder and arm was not Parkinson's Disease. Compensation paid.
  • JM (2019) - Admitted breach of duty by retaining an aquacel pack after operation which then required further surgery to remove it. Compensation paid.
  • JS (2018) - Admitted failure to have a repeat CT scan which would have identified pancreatic cancer sooner.
  • JE (2018) - Client took too many tablets as given by home carers resulting in overdose and hospital treatment. Breach of duty of care admitted and compensation paid.
  • WA (2018) - Alleged negligence in gallbladder removal surgery resulting in ongoing pain and admitted failure to remove Aquacel pack requiring further surgery. Settlement of over £300,000 achieved in 2022.
  • AG (2017) - Incorrect administration intravenously of pain relief causing unnecessary suffering and prolonged hospital stay. Breach of duty of care admitted and compensation paid.
  • GT (2017) - Failure to implement and update a falls risk register led to admitted breach of duty of care following two avoidable falls which resulted in a fractured hip, surgery, prolonged hospital stay and requirement of home modifications.
  • JE (2016) - Fatal Accidents claim arising from hospital's failure to identify norovirus which resulted, whilst an in-patient, in her untimely death. Breach of duty of care admitted.
  • AA (2015) - Opiate and Fentanyl dependency arising from GP's failure to refer and treat. Breach of duty of care admitted. Settlement of £100,000 achieved.
  • DP (2015) - Hospital trust's failure to interpret x-ray resulted in failure to diagnose cancer which led to a 4 month delay in treatment. Compensation paid to the estate.
  • MR (2015) - Hospital failed to remove a foreign body following operation causing infection and extensive pain and suffering and delay in the healing process.
  • KW (2016) - Hospital consultant misdiagnosed and then wrongly prescribed disease modifying drugs. Liability admitted and compensation paid.
  • CD (2016) - Prescription of penicillin to allergic patient at hospital. Consumption of two tablets caused violent vomiting and sickness for a number of days after stomach operation. Breach of duty of care admitted and compensation paid.   


  • R v L (2009) – As advocate successfully defended care assistant charged with theft from the lady for whom she was caring, who was in her 80's. 6 day trial at Bolton Crown Court.
  • R v W (December 2010) – As advocate achieved acquittal after 2 day trial at Manchester Crown Court. Self defence to an affray on Bradshawgate, Bolton.
  • R v M (November 2010) - As advocate achieved acquittal after 2 day trial at Manchester Crown Court. Self defence to allegation involving headbutt and punch.
  • R v M (September 2010) – Acted as advocate in 7 defendant unlawful immigration case at Manchester Crown Court resulting in 2 years 6 months following guilty plea.
  • R v A (November 2010 – February 2011) – Instructing solicitor in 4 defendant case at Manchester Crown Court. Client charged with assisting an offender in murder trial.
  • R v A (January 2012) - Advocate in 9 defendant violent disorder. Prosecution offer bind over after 5 days of the trial.
  • R v S (February 2012) - Trial Advocate in successful alibi defence to actual bodily harm group attack, at Bolton Crown Court.
  • R v H (October 2012) - 8 month sentence at Bolton Crown Court for Vietnamese cannabis gardener following admissions and guilty plea in the Magistrates Court. 400 plants, street value worth £132,000.
  • R v W (October 2012) - Advocate in 4 day trial at Manchester Crown Court with father alleged to have strangled 8 year old son. Cross examination of the child over video-link. Unanimous not guilty verdict.
  • R v M (May 2013) - Advocate in 3 day trial for sexual activity in the presence of a child - visible from street outside through lounge window. Unanimous acquittal.
  • R v M and others (January 2014) - Advocate in 10 plus defendant conspiracy to defraud VAT at Manchester Crown Court. >£3m fraud. Following a guilty plea on a basis, 12 month suspended sentence with 12 week curfew.

Where educated: Canon Slade Secondary School, The University of Birmingham and Manchester Metropolitan University

First job: Waiter

Hobbies: Football, cricket, music

Favourite food: Anything cooked by my wife

Favourite film: Strangers on a train/ ET

Favourite group/artist: Mahler, Bruckner, Mozart

Ultimate holiday destination: Everest Base Camp/ Trans-Siberian Railway

Favourite sport/team: Bolton Wanderers

Favourite book: Crime and Punishment/ A Confederacy of Dunces

Likes: A job well done, having a rest, holidays, dinner parties

Dislikes: A job done poorly, litter, unnecessary legislation

Personal ambition: To try to be successful in all I do and to enjoy life in the process, oh and to dive with a Great White Shark and to play Second Horn in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (well First Horn would be stretching it too far!)