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Emma Manifold

Farming Disputes and Proprietary Estoppel

  • Posted

Spotlight on Farming Disputes and Proprietary Estoppel, by Nazia Nawaz There has been an increasing number of disputes relating to farming land and estates , before the courts. We are seeing more litigation in this area than ever before. So what is...

To have capacity or not have capacity - that is the question

  • Posted

Mental Capacity - why this is important when assessing a will There are a number of grounds under which a will can be challenged . One of these grounds is that the person making the will lacked the necessary mental capacity to do so. With people...

Challenging a will? Think Caveat!

  • Posted

Challenging a Will? Think Caveat! If you intend to challenge the validity of a will , it is important to investigate the circumstances surrounding the execution of the will. It is helpful in these cases if the Grant of Probate can be put on...