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Lease Renewal Applications

There are certain processes that need to be followed to renew a business tenancy. In certain situations, a business tenant has an automatic right to renew a lease when it has expired, which is covered by the provisions in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. There are strict timetables which must be followed in relation to automatic renewals, which is something Fieldings Porter can advise on. 

Not all tenants have a right to automatically renew a business tenancy. Renewal agreements with landlords should take place quite far in advance of lease expiry in order to negotiate terms. If the terms of renewal can not be agreed, or the tenant wants a new tenancy but the landlord refuses to grant one, then the tenant can apply to the court to settle any terms of the new tenancy. Fieldings Porter ca n represent you if you want a new tenancy and your landlord is refusing, or if you are struggling with negotiations.