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Injuries Due to Accidents in Public - Two Minute Guide

If you suffer an accident in a public place e.g. by tripping over a broken paving stone, you may be entitled to claim damages. You will need to prove that you were owed a duty of care, that a servant or agent was negligent in performing that duty, the negligence caused the injury and that the risk of injury was foreseeable. All occupiers of land have a duty to maintain their land to a safe and reasonable standard. This extends to include places such as supermarkets, banks or airports. Public authorities also have a duty of care to the general public to maintain roads and pavements in a reasonable condition.

Many defendants will have a form of liability insurance, such as Public Liability Insurance, to cover the costs of damages awards. 

It is common for complex claims to take longer to settle, as defendants will likely contest all aspects of the claim. Damages awarded will take into account factors such as loss of earnings and/or pain and suffering (physical and/or psychological).

If you have recently suffered injury due to an accident and you think an occupier was at fault then you should contact us immediately for advice.

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