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What happens if you're lost in the system?

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Lots of patients when undergoing a procedure at hospital trust not only the person and their team when conducting the operation but also the vital role the administrators play. After surgery it’s not always easy to take in the findings the surgeon has made. Often there will be a need to follow up for one reason or another, such as to check on progress or healing or sometimes for another procedure to take place. Sadly, at times clients become lost to follow up or lost in the system due to oversights or mistakes by individuals or a hospital’s administrative system. A delay of any kind beyond that envisaged by the treating medic can have serious implications and complications. It can lead to increased pain and suffering, a worsening of the condition or something that was benign can turn malignant.
We have experience in dealing with instances of delay in clients receiving the treatment or further treatment that they should have had but didn’t. On establishing there’s a breach of duty of care then the causative effects and impact need to be addressed to ensure that what has happened but wouldn’t have but for the negligence is properly compensated through a clinical negligence case. A solicitor can help you navigate your way through such a claim to deal with the losses, both physical, mental and purely financial such as loss of earnings, both past and future. 
If you or a family member have been affected by such circumstances please do call for a no obligation chat.