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The risks of living under one roof

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Living arrangements whereby a couple who is not married but live together in the same household are becoming increasingly common. This arrangement in law is known as cohabitation. The law gives cohabiting couples fewer rights on separation than for civil...

When is a non-lawyer a lawyer?

Peter Cunliffe
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It is, sadly, with some vehemence and annoyance that on the front page of a daily newspaper which I have been reading for over 20 years and whose first edition was in 1785 that I feel compelled to defend the lawyer and the use of the term. The...

A Personal Injury Claim Arising Out Of An Incident On Holiday

Deborah Parkinson
  • Posted
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HOLIDAY CLAIMS ABROAD BLOG It is extremely disappointing when a holiday is ruined by an accident or illness abroad. Accidents pursued under travel law come in varying forms and are subject to different procedural rules and regulations.  Some...

Check your tenant's right to rent

  • Posted

Right to Rent Scheme 2016 As of 1 February 2016, Landlords are now required to check the immigration status of their tenants in respect of Residential Tenancy Agreements entered into after this date. If a person does not have permission to be in the UK,...

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