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Fraud Theft Offences

We have a 24 hour helpline if you are accused of committing a crime and need advice on 07786655345 and all representation at the police station is free of charge. 

Please see below a list of the Fraud & Theft Offences that Fieldings Porter can provide legal representation and advice on.


Theft is a criminal offence where you have taken property, belonging to another, without their consent and with the intention of depriving the other person of it. One of the key elements for theft is that you must have acted dishonestly.


You can be convicted of robbery if you have stolen anything and at the time of doing so or just before you do so; you have used force on anyone or aimed to put that person in fear of being subject to force. It is similar to the offence of theft, but force is an element in robbery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Fieldings Porter can advise and represent you in cases of domestic and commercial burglary. Burglary includes entering a dwelling as a trespasser with the intention of committing theft or criminal damage; you do not actually have to steal anything to be liable for burglary, the intention to do so is sufficient. It can also include assaulting someone inside the building whilst trespassing. 

Domestic burglary takes place at home, where you steal or have the intention to steal someone’s personal valuable  items, whereas, commercial burglary occurs within a commercial dwelling, such as a shop, store, office or any other similar structure.

Fraud by misrepresentation

Fraudulent misrepresentation is where you have made a false representation knowingly or without belief in its truth, it is also possible to be accused of fraud by misrepresentation if you have been ‘reckless’ as to its truth. Sometimes, a fraudulent statement can be made which induces another party, for example, to enter into a contract. 

  • Fraud by abuse of position 
  • Credit card fraud 
  • Proceeds of crime act offences