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Clinical Negligence

Care Home Claims

Care homes and nursing homes owe a duty of care to their residents to ensure they are safe. 

There are situations where a care home can breach this duty of care and neglect their residents. The treatment/care given to vulnerable people, such as the elderly, must be unsatisfactorily sub-standard and result in harm or injury.  If this has occurred, then a claim may be brought and you could receive compensation.  

Common types of care home claims include – 

  • Not providing enough food or water, which can lead to problems such as dehydration;
  • Injuries or fractures as a result of the way a professional has handled the resident or staff failing to supervise the resident;
  • Falls due to lack of supervision;
  • Medication and prescription errors – for example, giving incorrect medication or a missed prescription;
  • Bed sores - grading of 3 or 4 should be 'never' events, namely that if care is being provided to the appropriate standard, these should never happen.

We have dealt with cases of a resident escaping and suffering injury, residents wandering and accessing areas they shouldn't resulting in harm, failures in supervision resulting in harm and a failure properly and in a timely fashion to seek secondary care after deterioration in health.