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Clinical Negligence

Medical Misdiagnosis

A medical misdiagnosis can occur when a doctor or other healthcare professional identifies your condition late, resulting in a delayed diagnosis or doesn't act on the symptoms and refer or treat correctly. At Fieldings Porter we can deal with a delayed diagnosis that has caused you harm, for example, if you are suffering cancer which could have been identified earlier.

A misdiagnosis can also occur when a healthcare professional identifies your condition incorrectly, for example they diagnose you with the wrong condition or fail to diagnose you. This can happen in a range of ways such as a failure properly to identify what might be the problem following blood test results or a radiographer hasn't correctly interpreted an x-ray or MRI or CT scan. Human error can lead to warning signs being missed. The complications can be extremely serious. As well as assisting where possible to ensure that the necessary treatment is provided we can help, as sensitively as we can, to pursue a medical negligence claim for you. You may not be able to obtain the additional help you or a family member needs without a solicitor acting for you. Give Peter or Emma a ring and take that next step.