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Clinical Negligence

Psychiatric Damage

If you have suffered psychiatric damage as a result of negligent medical treatment, then you could have a clinical negligence claim and may receive compensation. Psychiatric damage is the ‘sudden appreciation of a horrifying event which violently agitates the mind’.

For a psychiatric injury claim, you can be a primary victim or a secondary victim.

A primary victim is usually involved in the traumatic event in question.

A secondary victim may not be involved in the traumatic event but they may witness it.  

Examples of psychiatric injury can include where a patient was - 

  • Discharged from hospital without care plans or supervision (after being suicidal or depressed)
  • During birth – when a mother is giving birth and the baby is affected/injured as a result of negligent medical treatment
  • Injury/Suicide during psychiatric unit – This can occur when the psychiatric unit fails to take into account any symptoms or risks of new patients. It can also occur when a patient is not correctly supervised