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Cohabitation Living Together Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements are becoming increasingly popular as more and more couples are living together, rather than getting married or entering into civil partnerships. In some circumstances, couples are starting to live together at a time when they have already acquired assets in their own names and want to protect their individual assets and income if their relationship breaks down.

A Cohabitation Agreement can deal with:

  • Who owns what at the start of a relationship
  • How any property acquired during the relationship will be owned
  • Who will be responsible for mortgage and day to day bills etc.

It can also provide a framework for what will happen if the relationship breaks down.

People in relationships who live together but are not married are referred to as cohabitees.

What are our fees?

This depends on the complexity of the respective parties’ financial circumstances and whether or not the content of the agreement is agreed prior to instructing solicitors. We therefore offer a bespoke level of service where we charge clients at an hourly rate for the work that we do for them in relation to this area of law.

We also appreciate that thinking about what steps you should be taking is a daunting prospect with many people, understandably, not knowing where to start. With this in mind we offer a consultation of up to an hour with one of our solicitors which, is followed up by a written letter of advice for £200 plus VAT.

If you want any further advice about Cohabitation/Living Together Agreements, please do not hesitate to contact us.