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Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process which can be used to resolve disputes that arise before, during or after the breakdown of a family relationship. It can also be used before, during and after Court proceedings. It enables parties to communicate their concerns and needs. The role of the mediator, who is an independent and impartial third party, is to facilitate discussion between the two parties so they can come to an agreement on what to do with things such as financial or children arrangements. Mediation is not counselling, it does not aim to reconcile couples and it does not include legal advice.

Converting Mediation Agreements into Orders

We can make a referral to mediation on your behalf and also offer you advice and assistance throughout the mediation process as to the implications of any agreement as well as converting any agreement into an Order which will be recognised and enforceable by the courts. Please contact us for further information.

If you want any further advice about mediation then please do not hesitate to contact us.