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Separation Agreements

At Fieldings Porter we understand that the breakdown of a co-habiting relationship, marriage or civil partnership can be an emotional and stressful experience and parties may not feel ready to issue formal proceedings at court straight away. In these circumstances a Separation Agreement is something to consider to formally record any agreements reached in relation to financial matters.

Our experienced team includes members of the Law Society Family Law Accreditation Scheme, the Law Society Family Law Advanced Accreditation Scheme, the Law Society Children Law Accreditation Scheme and Resolution.

We can offer advice in relation to Separation Agreements and what should be contained within the same including:

  • Who is to be responsible for the payment of household bills
  • Who is keeping which possessions
  • How it is intended that any assets, whether in joint names or in sole names, will be dealt with

What are our fees?

We appreciate that every case is different and we therefore offer a bespoke level of service in relation to all matters. Under this scheme we charge clients at an hourly rate for the work that we do for them.

We also appreciate that thinking about what steps you should be taking is a daunting prospect with many people, understandably, not knowing where to start. With this in mind we offer a consultation of up to an hour with one of our solicitors which, is followed up by a written letter of advice for £200 plus VAT.

If you want any further advice about Separation Agreements then please do not hesitate to contact us.